Elevator cabin companies at a high level with the latest technologies 2024

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The largest elevator cabin factories in Egypt

Eco Factory remains one of the best elevator cabin factories in Egypt until now because it has long experience in the field of supplying, installing, repairing and maintaining all types of elevators and escalators, as well as in manufacturing all types of elevator cabins (passenger cabins – cabins Stainless steel – wood cabins – patient cabins – cargo cabins – panorama).

The company is also interested in manufacturing restaurant elevator chassis, semi-automatic elevator doors, scissor doors, and vertical doors, as well as manufacturing internal button boxes.

Elevator companies
Elevator companies

The factory is keen to manufacture cabins with high quality to suit the power of the motor. Therefore, they are manufactured from galvanized sheet metal, which is known for its strength in resisting rust. The cabin consists of a fixing frame, base, walls, sheet metal roof, and sheet roof.

The floor is usually covered with flame-resistant PVC or artificial granite. The cabin also contains appropriate LED lighting, emergency lighting, and maintenance lighting on the back of the cabin. The cabin covering is designed based on each customer’s request.

Eco Factory has a large selection of cabins with different designs to satisfy all tastes. It has the ability to make modifications to any of the available designs or implement any special design for each customer according to his desire. Eco Factory is keen to satisfy its customers and achieve all means of comfort for them.

Elevator cabin companies 2024

Eco Company is considered one of the best elevator cabin companies in Egypt as it is concerned with manufacturing all types of cabins (passenger – freight – food – panoramic) with the highest quality and efficiency and at the cheapest price. The cabin is covered with the required decor based on the customer’s desire. Dear, hesitate to deal with her.

Wooden cabins

This type is considered one of the best types of cabins ever. Anyone looking for luxury should look for wooden cabins. Work has also been done on developing wooden cabins in a way that suits customers’ requirements in terms of luxury and sophistication. The wood is engraved with a router machine using oak wood of different thicknesses. It is also used Waterproof and scratch-resistant flooring.

Stainless cabinets

Stainless steel 304 and 316 are used in interior decoration. It is manufactured using the latest laser cutting machines and installed on MDF wood that can withstand shocks and high temperatures. The floor is made of granite and the ceiling is made of stainless.

Panorama cabins

These are the cabins found in shops and public places. Flat and folded reinforced glass is used in their manufacture in various shapes and different loads. Stainless steel and wood are also used in decoration.

Food cabins

Food cabins are known for their small size. They are made entirely of 316 stainless steel in multiple sizes. The cabin contains shelves so that food can be placed on them.

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